What is Probate?

When someone dies, the surviving family members are often panic-stricken thinking about what they have to do, and how to probate the estate. Invariably, someone has told them that probate is arduous and expensive. In New Jersey, this is generally not the [...]

Waivers and Compensatory Education

Do not sign a waiver of claims. Some school districts have been requiring parents to sign waivers prior to the provision of special education and/or related services. The New Jersey Department of Education has issued a memo [1] which they declared in [...]

The Impact of Adoption on Education

Adoption is a common method of creating or expanding a family. There are many types of adoptions: private, through foster care, domestic, international, embryo adoption, etc. Although paths to adoption are varied, common across all of them is the impact the act [...]

Recent Legal Wins For Students With Dyslexia

Learning disabilities, like dyslexia, auditory processing disorders or visual-perceptual deficits, are sometimes referred to as “hidden disabilities.” The reason is that learning disabilities are not visible the way certain physical disabilities are or quickly recognizable the way certain intellectual or developmental disabilities [...]

The Overlap of Special Needs and Family Law

Our practice areas frequently overlap. Parents of special needs children face many challenges, not just during their marriage, but also upon its dissolution. In addition to the added financial stress of specialized activities and services, parents also find themselves juggling school work [...]

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