Special Needs Planning / Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of “putting your affairs in order.” This means not just signing a Last Will and Testament, which advises how your assets should be distributed upon your death, but also designation of people to make decisions for you while you are still alive, but unable to make them for yourself. This often involves not just passing your assets to the next generation, but your values as well. Whether it be through charitable gifts, expressing your wishes for end of life decisions, or special planning to protect disabled family members, a carefully drafted estate plan will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

If you will be providing for a child with special needs, be sure to speak with someone to ensure that child’s eligibility for the services he or she will need as an adult. Often, well-meaning parents and relatives can actually hurt their children by leaving them money directly, thereby disqualifying them from government benefits and services. If your child has assets of his/her/their own, there are ways to protect them too. It is essential that this type of estate planning is done by a special needs lawyer who understands the challenges faced by families with special needs children.

We help ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your assets and pass them down to the next generation, minimizing confusion and red tape.

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